We are a prime digital marketing service that offers a variety of different services that are designed to provide quick and customized solutions for all your business needs.

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We are a prime digital marketing service that offers a variety of different services that are designed to provide quick and customized solutions for all your business needs.

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Our strong communication network and years of the experience in the industry makes us the perfect solution for all your marketing requirements.

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3 Sources of Traffic to Bring in More Visitors to Your Site


Traffic is a great indicator of a site’s popularity, the websites that users are more inclined to read would be able to generate higher revenues for you. Therefore it is extremely important to improve the level of traffic that you get on your website. Below I discuss some of the free or nearly free methods through which you can improve the traffic to your page, blog or website.

1) Viral Content

There is no absolute method that can predict what type of content would go viral. Therefore rather than trying to create a viral content you must concentrate on sources where the links you post would get the highest amount of attention.

Reddit is considered to be the birthplace of most of the viral content over the web. You should use this great tool by searching quality threads within your niche and post some useful links to your website. Doing such a thing is guaranteed to generate exposure for your website or blog.

2) Wiki marketing

Wikipedia contains a wealth of information on nearly all topics. Wikipedia has grown to such a huge scale that it has become extremely difficult for the website administrators to keep track of the broken links on the website.

You can share your links in the citation if you find a page within your niche that has an obsolete link or requires citation. Doing so would direct the traffic from the page to your blog.

3) Keywords

Keywords are a great way to help your desired users locate you. When optimizing for the keywords always consider the words that you would search for if you were looking for similar service, website or blog as yours.

Need more ideas to drive traffic to your site? Here’s a video Justin Brooke put together on the paid traffic sources no one is talking about:


Here’s Why You Should Be Guest Posting


Guest blogging is a great way to build solid base for your blog, website or business. It provides a great opportunity to interact with users that are interested in reading engaging content, but it can be extremely difficult to find quality guest posting opportunities. Below we share some of the amazing ways through which you can find opportunities for guest blogs.

Personal Connection

This is an obvious starting point. If you are planning to start a blog, it is most likely that several people in your circle have one or two successful blogs. Blog owners are always in search for engaging content that can help them solidify their interaction with their users. Shoot emails to people in your network who may own blog. You would have the benefit of trust factor with these people that would help you in concentrating even more on content.

Social Networking

Social media is a great way to interact with millions of users that have similar interests and ambitions as you. Use your link building skills to interact with different pages, users and groups. You would be surprised with the number of opportunities that are out there. Simply search for them and don’t be afraid to ask your connection for an opportunity to share your ideas on their blog or pages.

Search Engines

Googling is the simplest way to search for the relevant blogs for your niche. Go through the search results to find the relevant blogs that also have a simple system for availing guest posts on their website. It is a great idea to interact with bloggers in such manner to build connections that can help you in discovering opportunities for guest posts.


3 Social Media Platforms That You Should Be Active On


It is a common knowledge that if you wish to improve your brand’s presence over the web, you must be active on nearly all social media platforms. While it is true, it can be extremely tricky to maintain a presence on all social media platforms without a dedicated social-media coordinator. If you are a new business and just starting to improve your social media presence then the following list is for you, which lists some of the most important social media platforms to help your business grow.


Twitter is a great place to bring a strong followership for your brand. It has millions of active users that use the twitter’s platform to interact with different personalities and businesses.

It also provides you with features such as schedule content that gives you complete control over when new content would be posted on your page. In order to be successful on Twitter you must select interactive and through provoking topics that would help you build an audience for your business.


Instagram relies on visual content to build interest in different pages or profiles. You would be able to share the details about your brand in visual form that can great improve the brand identity of your product. It is a great platform to help your business grow.

You can snap some professional photos and share them at regular intervals on your page to attract a lot of users towards your products.


Facebook is the king of social media. It possess nearly 1.3 billion active users that is the largest user base compared to any social media platform. In addition to such a huge viewership Facebook is actively working to integrate features and solutions to help new and organized businesses to grow at a rapid space.

Compare to the other two platforms discussed in the list it is a much busier website that would require a lot of time, effort and commitment on your part to make an actual impact.

Social Media is a great way to help your business grow, but it requires a lot of time and creativity in order to create a solid following for your page, business or brand. Therefore hiring a dedicated company like Alpha Mare Media for your social media co-ordination can greatly improve your interaction with the users.